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Type of Flight

Flight # 68
Aircraft ZK-GPZ   SZD-50-3 Puchacz   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sun 8th Sep 2013
Notes Tried for wave but too broken. No luck at thermalling. Very strong winds and lots of turbulence on tow. Rolling on a point on tow. High wind circuit, steep approach to counter the high sink rate, wind gradient/shear. Bounce recovery on landing
Launch Tauranga   Aerotow   3000 feet AGL
Flight Cost $59.50 + $0.00 = $59.50
Charged at 0.00/min


Duration Total 0h 19m   =   0.32 hours   =   19 minutes
Instruction Received0h 19m   =   0.32 hours   =   19 minutes